The Edgewood Experience

Supportive housing alternatives for persons suffering from mental, physical and financial challenges are not widely available in Ontario, and the community at large is not well informed of what housing options are available when faced with having to care for a friend or family member who cannot take care of themselves without support and or supervision.

Edgewood is a member of an association of homes in Ontario, who has partnered with participating municipalities and the Ministry of Community and Social Service to provide a valuable housing option for dependant adults in their communities.
Subsidized care and housing for persons who can not live independently because of mental and or physical challenges but do not require or qualify for Long Term Care (Nursing Home) is available in some but not all areas of Ontario.

The Domiciliary Hostel program is a little known but important piece of supportive housing and a very cost effective resource for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless as a result of battles with mental illness, dependency on drugs and or alcohol or have had some other of lifes misfortune befall them.

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